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Rock Ruminations

"The Rock" - Newfoundland's nickname, attributed to the granite and rocky landcapes which wrap around coastlines of the province. It is an affectionate term towards Newfoundland, and highlights the significance of environment. Ruminations - the act of pondering; meditation.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

DIY Half Rack Plate Pegs

I own a Pro Half Rack by Fitness Gear that I purchase some time ago at Dick's Sporting Goods. As you will note from the image below, it has three pegs for plates on each side. They do not sell replacement or additional pegs at Dick's or anywhere else I was able to search online.

So I decided to build me own DIY plate pegs for my half rack.  I started with a two foot length of 1.5" PVC, along with two rubber stopper, four corner brackets, and some 4" screws and bolts.

The first job was to cut the PVC pipe into 6" lengths, as well as to cut the tops off of the rubber stoppers.

Second, I had to cut the corner braces because the length that I was attaching to the PVC pipe - as the plate wouldn't slide over both the PVC pipe and the brace.

I used bolt cutters to do this.  I could have used a hack saw, but this was just quicker.

I attached the corner brace to the PCV pipe using 1/4" bolts and nuts, and then slide the cut off rubber stopper ring over the pipe to project the plates from the metal edge of the corner brace.

I then took the top of the rubber stopper and, with a utility knife, cut the top of the stopper into a smaller circle.  This gave me something to slide into exposed hole of the PVC pipe.

Then I drilled holes into the half rack and attached the peg.

Note that initially I had used Phillips head screws - but Phillips head screws are useless and should be uninvented as far as I am concerned.  So after another trip to Home Depot I picked up some 4" hex bolts and used those instead.

Below you can see the finished product.


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