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Rock Ruminations

"The Rock" - Newfoundland's nickname, attributed to the granite and rocky landcapes which wrap around coastlines of the province. It is an affectionate term towards Newfoundland, and highlights the significance of environment. Ruminations - the act of pondering; meditation.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Statistics for May

This past month there were 27 unique visitors to this blog - 19 first timers and 8 repeat offender.

My peak days were 10 May ad 27 May. Anyway, given the spike in the dates (and my Statcounter), one would guess that they came to see the entries on:

Well, these 27 people came from the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Germany, and Portugal.

Until next month...

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Friday, May 26, 2006

To Those Misinformed Seal Hunt Crusaders

Okay, I think by now that most of you know that I'm a Newfoundlander. This post is to the Paul McCartneys, Pam Andersons, and even David Pollards (see An Apology for Canada's Treatment of Animals and later at the bottom of The Weather Makers for his pot shots at this industry).

I'll admit that I haven't read much in the blogsphere on this topic, as it boils my blood so much to read those who are so "oh holier than thou" in their attitude towards an industry that they know little about, only what gets fed to them by the money-making US lobbies. I also throw into this mix those who are selective about which industries that they'll turn their nose up to - which is largely directed at the likes of Paul and Pam (I mean what is the point to hug a cute and cuddly sea pup when they are already protected, expect that peole wouldn't give money to crooks such as the Humaine Society of the United States without that photo op - hugging the seals that are actually part of the hunt just isn't as eye-catching - and let's face it, for these people it is all about the benjamins).

In any regard, one did manage to show up in my Bloglines (other than the ramblings of David Pollard - who I would say falls into the descriptions provided in the previous paragraph). It was titled The Seal Hunt and was posted at eGram@sd40.bc.ca. In a sea of mindless ranting, I think this was one of the first posts that I have seen that makes sense to me.

The author, Randolph Decker, is a Newfoundlander like me. And while he isn't a supporter of the sea fishery (I guess I should have included the disclaimer that I favour a sustainable hunt - and the hunt at current levels is not only sustainable, but has actually allowed the sea herd to grow to the point that it is affecting other species), he asks a basic question - why seals?

When you look at how other animals that we consume on the dinner table, throw over our bodies as a part of a garmet, or use as a source of energy, why single out seals? Where is Pam Anderson to hug the sheep, cows, chickens, etc. of the world that are being raised simply to be killed? Why isn't Paul McCartney bringing dozens of reporters to the slaughter houses in his home country? Why isn't Dave Pollard lamenting about the animals that are force feed, simply to become dinner on our table?

Maybe all of these are animals that we raise for food, but seal is wildlife. I can accept that, if that is the logic. Then why isn't Pam out hugging little rabbits, which are hung in snares or shot as they go about their merry ways? Why isn't Paul bringing his media out to the rivers to save all those helpless trout and salmon? Why is Dave lamenting about the birds, moose, caribou, deer, elk, etc. that are shot for food or in some cases just sport by hunters (including the US VP - I mean come on Dave, an environment lament that allows you to be anti-American at the same time, why aren't you jumping all over this one)?

The answer - seals sell! What these groups and individuals fail to tell you is that seal harvesters use more of the animal than almost any other hunt or commercial slaughter. What these groups and individuals fail to tell you is that the number of seals continues to increase, even with the annual hunt, and continues to affect the health of other fish stocks. What these groups fail to tell you is that those cut animals that they hug and get photographed with are already protected. Like I said, its all about the benjamins for these people!

And Dave, the reason why the hunt was closed due to the seal numbers being down wasn't because the number of seals is decreasing, it was because there was no ice to bring the seals to the locations where the hunt was open (i.e., no seals floating around where they were allowed to be killed).

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This Is Great!

I saw this in an entry by NYC Educator and thought it was the funniest thing I have seen in a while (see Thank God for Congress). I never bothered to even read the post, I was just too entertained by the picture.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

"The time has come," the Walrus said...

Well, round two is now in the history books and round three is upon us. After going three for eight in round one (see Lord Stanley's Cup), I went zero for four in round two (And Then There Were Eight). As you may remember, I picked:
  • (1) Ottawa vs. (4) Buffalo - Ottawa in 6 [Reality - Buffalo in 5]
  • (2) Carolina vs. (3) New Jersey - New Jersey in 6 [Reality - Carolina in 5]
  • (5) San Jose vs. (8) Edmonton - San Jose in 6 [Reality - Edmonton in 6]
  • (6) Anaheim vs. (7) Colorado - Colorado in 5 [Reality - Anaheim in 4]
I don't feel quite as bad, as Michael Berube and Scott Lemieux only went zero for four as well (see Round two NHL playoff predictions: exclusive! must credit michaelberube.com!).

So, let's turn our sights to the semi-finals. I think we are getting to the point where I need to discuss my picks, as opposed to just picking them.

(2) Carolina vs. (4) Buffalo - Okay, I know what you are thinking- I picked both these teams to lose in both round one and round two. But I think I have a feel for both of these teams now and feel confident with this pick. Up until now, I think that both teams have reached this point because of their goaltending. Both teams have young goalieswho have played beyond themselves and their opponents. Whichever of these goalies can keep this upin this series, their team will win. Personally, I think that Cam Ward will be the one who can accomplish this - nothing against Miller, but I just think that Ward has a better supporting cast immediately in front of him (i.e., better defence). Carolina in 6

(6) Anaheim vs. (8) Edmonton - It would be easy, as a Canadian to simply go with the hometown pick and select Edmonton, but it isn't that simple. Anaheim have a hell of a team and a goalie that is peaking at the right time. However, Edmonton has found a way to win leading up to the end of the regular season just to get into the playoffs, in round one against ateam favoured to challenge for the Cup, and in round two after going down two games to none. I can't see how Edmonton won't be able to fight and scratch and claw their way to a victory in this series as well. Edmonton in 6

See you in two weeks to see how I did this time around...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So, I've been trying to get my blog habit in check. While I may not post as often as I would like or as often as I really need to post to ensure that people actually stick around to read this blog (or any of my other blogs for that matter), I do have a blogging habit.

These days that habit seems to be focused upon managing my Bloglines account. I have made a conscious effort to actually clean upmy Bloglines account and start to manage what I track, simply so that I have less to read and that would in theory mean less time spent on reading other's blogs.

I think that I am doing well. I went from a high of well over 250 feeds that produced some 800 to 1000 entries a day, down to just under a 120 feeds now producing about 400 to 600 entries a day.

My goal is to get less than 100 feeds and less than 200 entries. I'd also like to get rid of those 50-odd entries that I have marked as saved, but that will require some blogging on my part as those are all entries that have sparked some kind of though in my head that made me want to file it away to be blogged about another day.

If I meet my goals, I'll let you know, until then I'm off to do more reading than writing again ...

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

And Then There Were Eight

Okay, you may recall that two weeks ago I made my first round predictions in Lord Stanley's Cup. And for a guy who didn't see much hockey this year (only one Thrashers' game and maybe another eight to ten games on television all season), I didn't do too bad.

I had predicted:

  • (1) Detroit v. (8) Edmonton - Detroit in 6 [Reality - Edmonton in 7]
  • (2) Dallas v. (7) Colorado - Colorado in 6 [Reality - Colorado in 5]
  • (3) Calgary v. (6) Anaheim - Calgary in 5 [Reality - Anaheim in 7]
  • (4) Nashville v. (5) San Jose - Nashville in 7 [Reality - San Jose in 5]

  • (1) Ottawa v. (8) Tampa Bay - Ottawa in 5 [Reality - Ottawa in 5]
  • (2) Carolina v. (7) Montreal - Montreal in 6 [Reality - Carolina in 6]
  • (3) New Jersey v. (6) New York - New Jersey in 5 [Reality - New Jersey in 4]
  • (4) Buffalo v. (5) Philadelphia - Philadelphia in 7 [Reality - Buffalo in 6]

And if you look at it, I got the correct teams in three of the eight series (it would have been four, but as a Habs fan you have to pick them even when you know that they aren't going to win). I still blame it on not seeing enough action all season long, particularly from the western division. [I should note that Michael Bérubé went six for eight in his Cup crazy, part one predictions, thats what happens when you live somewhere like Pennsylvania and get to actually see some hockey - but I'm not bitter!]

In any regard, round two is up and I need to make some predictions here now.

In the East:

  • (1) Ottawa vs. (4) Buffalo - Ottawa in 6
  • (2) Carolina vs. (3) New Jersey - New Jersey in 6

In the West:

  • (5) San Jose vs. (8) Edmonton - San Jose in 6
  • (6) Anaheim vs. (7) Colorado - Colorado in 5

It is interesting to note that the top four teams in the East made it past their first round series, but the top four teams in the West all lost their series.

In any regard, we'll see in another two weeks how I did.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Settling A Debate

Originally uploaded by mkb_nf.

Okay, while unconventional, I am looking to settle an on-going debate that I am having with my wife. When you buy a pack of gum that comes in one of those packages where you pop the piece of gum out of the tray, it has a half circle cut into one end of the box (kind of like what you see in the picture to the right).

My question for you... Is that hole to push the tray out the opposite end or is it there so you can pull the tray out towards you?

This is high drama here folks, as I'm looking to be right on this and I need everyone's confirmation.

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